Feel called to do more than just attend this year’s Annual Conference?

There are many ways to use your gifts in service to your fellow United Methodists. From hosting attendees to assisting with business sessions to singing in the joint choir, find a way to put your gifts to work.

Gather Up! In-Gathering

What Difference Can 1,700 United Methodists Make When They Come to Town? We are about to find out! We invite you, as a member of Annual Conference, to bring an offering of items to leave for a local homeless shelter. Perhaps your church wishes to participate and you will want to bring a carload of items to donate!

Conference Choir

Yes!–preparations are underway for the Conference Choir!

Volunteer Your Time & Friendly Face

Adjusting to annual conference in new different place means we’ll need extra hands to keep things running smoothly.

Whatever time you have available … there is a way you can help!  Click the link below to find out more about signing up.

Annual Conference Offerings

Offerings will be received at worship services during the 2017 Annual Conference. Funds will provide meals through the Haiti Hot Lunch program and at Bishop Judith Craig Children’s Village in Liberia, support the Michigan Education Fund and more.  Click below for full details and share with your congregation!

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Be a Sponsor

The 2017 Michigan Area United Methodist Joint Annual Conference is a unique opportunity to share your message with a broad spectrum of people from across our state.

Annual Conference delegates come from every county and represent every walk of life … they are young and old, wealthy and struggling, black, white and brown.  They are students and entrepreneurs, day laborers, board presidents and retirees.  They are raising families and serving as leaders in their churches and their communities.

By supporting this conference, you’ll be able to share your message directly with them.