Lifetouch Photography


While at the conference, be sure to stop by Lifetouch photography near Cokesbury behind the Candy Store! Be photographed for our new conference directory and make new connections with local Lifetouch Representatives. Learn about new programs including Community Connect – the first updatable directory!



Community Connect provides a 4-1 approach:

  1. Photography – your families will love
  2. Printed Community Books – includes images and full roster
  3. Mobile Directory – accessible on any device
  4. Images for the church – for your CMS and/or internal use

And best yet, the printed Community Book and mobile directory can be updated! Through periodic photography events, Lifetouch will continually update your Community Book. Now, your new families, new loves, or those that missed getting photographed on prior occasions, can be included in your directory (making it more complete!). With each event, Lifetouch will also send the new images to you to use too.

Exclusive United Methodist Conference Special

Lifetouch is pleased to partner with you to raise funds for your ministries. When you sign up for our new Community Connect program, Lifetouch will give back 5% of portrait and frame sales to use for the ministry/community project of your choice. Perfect for raising funds for summer programs, vacation bible school, or youth group activities. It’s a win-win – for your families, your church, and your community. Stop by the Lifetouch area and learn more.

If you’re looking for a way to connect and stay connected to all your families, the Community Connect program is just right for you. Lifetouch continues to offer traditional directory program and celebration books. Connecting names and faces, it’s what we do. The choice is yours. See you at the conference.

Ready to learn more now? Call 800-521-4611.