The catering staff partners with local artisans and organic farmers. The collaboration between the chefs and trusted partners is designed to provide culinary experiences that celebrate wellness and sustainability.

There is no dining hall; Focus Meals will be in meeting rooms, and gathering spaces with tables will be available for eating General Meals. Final locations for meals will be posted onsite and in the program book. Focus Meals are open to anyone unless it is a noted ‘Invite Only’ meal. Please indicate on your registration any dietary restrictions so that catering staff can provide the appropriate meals. Cost includes gratuity for service personnel who serve and prepare the meals. Saturday night includes the only dinner at the $35 rate being offered. Other nights include the BBQ at no cost to members or dinner on your own. There are 4 onsite restaurants as well.

Breakfast is buffet style located in either Sweetwater American Bistro or Aerie Restaurant. Other breakfast options are Hotel and Tower room service or on your own. All breakfast options are at your own expense.

Focus Meals

Special Meals are back! And under a new name! Annual Conference Special Meals are now Focus Meals.

The Program Committee has encouraged groups to be creative with programming and invite everyone to participate. These meals are seen as an extension of any teaching time that would happen in plenary. Though some agencies and ministries do need to use this meal time for business. Where applicable Detroit and West MI ministries are having a Focus Meal together.

Attendees register and purchase their meals when they register for Annual Conference. Two hours are allotted for all meal times.

The Program Committee is excited to have this option back for our Michigan UMC ministries! These meals will be open for anyone to attend, as this is the meal seating space.